First Draft


October 28, an angry crowd of Yale students confronts an administrator because he believes prohibiting Halloween costumes so as not to offend minority students is counter-productive. A student lectures indignantly to him and then screams BE QUIET when he attempts to interject.

Yale is the latest example of the militant political correctness being exercised at many liberal universities. Sometimes the light hurts your eyes, so students turn away to look at the Shadows.

The free exchange of ideas through ardently defended free speech is the Atlas of the Progressive world: a foundational right on which all other rights rest, and Yale is shrugging. All by itself ultra-sensitivity is probably not a good trait to cultivate but when accompanied by attempts at censorship and intimidation they undermine all other liberal achievement.

These children are unaware that the culture of suppression which they create is always in danger of turning against them. Like those before them they should fight desperately against the machine. Instead the serpent eats itself. It’s taken the first bite.

It reminds me of the way conservatives blithely watch prosecutors absolve police of responsibility for unprovoked violence not realizing this same legal framework will wrest away their freedoms. The construction of a police state should be the primary worry of every conservative, but because it is being built on the back of the Other, conservatives are hoodwinked.

In both situations idealogues’ fervor undermines the principles they claim to uphold. WAKE UP.